Steril Air (for storage , liquid tanks)

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UV Storage Tank Sanitizers

<P class=style11 align=justify>- Destroys harmful bacteria, mold and virus in the top of liquid storage tanks<BR>- Controls condensation and provides filtered, sanitized air to liquid sweetener and edible oil tanks<BR>- Washable Electrostatic, Absolute HEPA Type&nbsp; filters available.<BR>- Absolute Filters provide removal of particulates and microorganisms, down to 0.3 microns.</P> <P class=style11 align=justify>The&nbsp;Steril- Air Sanitizer is mounted on the top of the liquid storage tank and draws outside air through the electrostatic filter to the exposure chamber. Ultraviolet radiation kills airborne micro-organisms , bacteria and mold spores.An internal blower directs the filtered and purified air into the empty air space of the storage tank.The air is continuously circulated , replaced and finally exhausted through a seperate filtered vent located opposite the ultraviolet unit.The constant circulation of air prevents condensation from forming on the interior surface of the storage tank.The electrostatic filter collect dust , spores and contaminants and prohibit the entry of insects into tank and piping systems.The ultraviolet output and blower capacity are increased in units designed for larger capacity tanks.</P> <DIV id=Layer10> <P class=style3><STRONG><FONT color=#ff0000><SPAN class=style7>SPECIAL FEATURES &amp; OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES</SPAN><BR></FONT></STRONG>* STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION <BR>The chamber is stainless steel for an attractive finish , unparalleled strength and durability<BR>* OBSERVATION PORT <BR>A visible glow through the clear sight glass provides positive indication of germicidal lamp operation<BR>* GERMICIDAL LAMPS<BR>Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamps provide the utmost in quality , sustained high output and long life.<BR>* PARTICULATE FILTERS<BR>Washable Electrostatic Filter <BR>Absolute Filter H.E.P.A Type <BR><BR>* POLISHED REFLECTOR <BR>Interior surface is polished to a highly reflective surface to maximize ultraviolet intensity within the chamber<BR></P></DIV>