Steril Duct

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UV Air Duct Disinfection

<P>- constructed of tough, corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel to ensure long life<BR>- destroys bacteria, mold and viruses in air stream<BR>- units mount into new or existing duct systems<BR>- efficient light weight electronic ballast</P> <P><STRONG>Economical<BR></STRONG>Systems requires very little power to operate.<BR><B>Safe</B><BR>No risk of over-exposure.<BR><B>Fast</B><BR>Disinfects both air and exposed surfaces in seconds.<BR><B>Easy</B><BR>Simple installation and maintenance.<BR><B>Automatic</B><BR>Continuous disinfection without special attention or measurements.<BR><B>Versatile</B><BR>Numerous units available to handle various duct sizes and configurations.<BR><B>Low Maintenance</B><BR>Annual lamp replacement and periodic cleaning is all that is required.</P> <P>The&nbsp;<SPAN class=boldtext>Steril Duct</SPAN>&nbsp;line of Air Duct Purification systems has been carefully conceived to provide germicidal ultraviolet exposure for air stream and surface disinfection. The dosage, as it applies to ultraviolet disinfection, is a function of time, and the intensity,<BR>of ultraviolet radiation, to which the air stream and surface is exposed</P> <P><SPAN class=boldtext>Steril Duct</SPAN>&nbsp;Air&nbsp; Disinfection Systems&nbsp; utilize germicidal lamp<A href=""></A>s to protect personnel from potentially harmful airborne contaminants by effectively destroying airborne microbes including bacteria and virus in new or existing duct systems. Desired bacteria kill rates of 90% for the average commercial installation or 98% kill rates (essential for hospitals and pharmaceutical laboratories) can be achieved using these type fixtures. Units are constructed of tough, corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel to ensure long life.</P>